The Fred Liuzzi Foundation

2 June 1938 to 23 November 2010


The late Fred Liuzzi was a generous philanthropist in his lifetime.  His giving was related to ensuring significant and lasting changes in our society.

He involved the entire family in whatever project he undertook whether it is within his own community in Melbourne or overseas. Fred’s involvement in the Italian community was very prominent and because of this he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy and the Premio Puglia, (Order of Merit from the Region where Fred was born).

Fred’s businesses have expanded throughout Australia and include his whole family. It has spread across a number of industries including hospitality, wine and beverages as well as other business investments. The Liuzzi Property Group is now based in Preston, where the home of the Fred Liuzzi Foundation is situated. The Liuzzi Family work together to continue and grow Fred’s legacy and the Foundation for future generations.

Fred had an enormous heart and supported those around him. His charisma was infectious. His exceptional business mind accompanied by great vision was the tool he used to build a future for his family and generations to come. Those around him benefited from his simple but effective view of life and the importance of family and working together.  He believed that life was like a grape vine. From one seed, vines would grow, bearing fruit for all.