The Fred Liuzzi Foundation

2016- The Fred Liuzzi Foundation is taking the opportunity to begin the next stage of our research with funding two projects

1-Research PhD Candicate Sarah Beecroft appointed

TFLF has funded a PhD Student as apart of  a 3 year research program, to improved molecular diagnosis and gene discovery in rare structural myopathies.


2016 1st year Harry Perkins Phd Research Project Summary



2- The Fred Liuzzi Foundation Discretionary Fund for families with Rare Neuromuscular Disorders.

Monash Medical Emergency Fund – under supervision of Associate Professor Michael Fahey

It has been identified that the families of children and adults with Rare Neuromuscular Disorders (NMD) experience additional financial, logistical and emotional hardship during times of health deterioration, illness and hospital admission of their family member. A discretionary emergency fund supported by The Fred Liuzzi Foundation (TFLF) has the potential to temporarily reduce some of this burden through individualised support.