The Fred Liuzzi Foundation


Elena Liuzzi presenting first research project grant to Professor Catriona McLean from the Victorian Neuromuscular Laboratory at the Alfred Hospital, in presence of Associate Professor Michael Fahey.

“Our goals are to work in assisting current sufferers, research to assist future sufferers and to learn from the path of past sufferers.”

The Foundation is committed to provide a platform for exchanging ideas as well as offering a good cross-fertilisation of people, medical and non-medical, with the same goals…….to support the development of new therapies for Rare Neuromuscular Disease and to find the means to diagnose most of them.

Although Rare Neuromuscular Disease only affects a relatively small number of patients and families, taken as a whole they actually represent a serious health burden for Australia. Part of the strategic direction of the foundation is to set out an overall Strategy for support by all stakeholders in ensuring effective and efficient recognition, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and research in Australia.